International Basic Training 2024

Three Modules in the Heart of Europe

Our flagship 20 module Basic Training reformatted so that students from all over the world can join.




Our programs are approved by the International Association of Structural Integrators IASI. The titles of the modules below describe the general theme of the module. This theme will be supplemented and complemented by other SI topics.

Module 1 - Adam Polański

The Recipe

Theory and Palpation

Warszawa June 10 - July 7

Module 2 - Nilce Silveira

The Recipe

Students Practicing on Each Other

Vienna August 19 - September 12, 2024

Module 3 - Aleš Urbanczik

The Recipe

Students Practicing on External Models

Prague November 17 - December 16, 2024


€ 15'500 - Payment plans available


English with limited translation into Czech, Polish and Portuguese


Please take a look at the Prerequisites, plan ahead and contact us if you have any questions regarding your unique situation.

Registration and Information:

Please contact Irena Berankova at the Guild Office info(at)