If you have graduated from a IASI approved program we invite you to become part of our family and help spread the extraordinary vision Ida Rolf introduced to the world.

Membership benefits

  • Discounted tuition fees adapted to the local economy of where you live.
  • Baseline for tuition and membership will be 1 SI session in the country you live.
  • Listing on our website.
  • Information about our classes and workshops.
  • Priority over non-members in workshop and class placement.

Membership fees

Contribute the value of one of your SI sessions and become member of our network of practitioners cherishing the timeless elegance of Dr. Rolf's original 'recipe'. For the actual fee, that applies in your country please refer to the list below.

Country Price
Austria € 100
Canada € 110
Czech Republic € 60
Denmark € 100
France TBD
Germany € 100
Hungary € 60
Ireland € 100
Israel € 90
Italy € 100
Netherlands € 100
Poland € 50
Slovakia € 60
Spain € 90
Switzerland € 150
United Kingdom € 110
United States € 130


by direct bank transfer:
European Guild for Structural Integration
IBAN CZ8301000001154921770227

or Paypal

Paypal payment