Advanced Training 2022 - two of the world's best instructors joining forces

  • Advanced Training 2022 in 2 modules - May 12 - May 29 & June 8 - 16

  • Instructors

    Nilce Silveira (Module 1) and Neal Powers (Module 2)
    Bert Schmitz (Therapeutic Relationship)
  • Assistants

    Adam Polański and Dario Di Lorenzo
  • Format

    Module 1: Basic Series 1-7, Nilce Silveira
    May 12 - May 29

    Module 2: Basic Series 8-10 and Advanced 3-series, Neal Powers
    June 8 - 16

  • Schedule

    Download schedule as pdf

  • Location

  • Requirement

    At least 3 years of full-time practice. Graduated from any IASI approved program.
  • Number of participants is limited to 22.
  • Content

    At the heart of The European Guild's Advanced Training lies an in-depth review of the Basic Ten-Series. In Module 1 students will take an external model through the entire Ten-Series. Lectures and discussions will center around the goals and strategies of each session. Parallel to this the practitioners will work a Post-Ten 3-series on each other. Bert Schmitz will be there for a 2-day seminar on 'Identity Free Space in SI'.
    In Module 2 the practitioners will practice the Advanced 3 series on each other and take a model through that series.
    The Advanced 3-series – not to be confused with the standard Post Ten 3-series - emphasizes assessment, evaluation and strategies for working with post ten clients. Specific attention is directed towards the individuals' structure and function in sitting, standing, and in movement. It consists of work in the positions "C", "Z", and "L" originating in the Ida Rolf, Peter Melchior, and Emmett Hutchins advanced series theories.
  • Tuition

    Approx. € 4'500 with regional discounts given.
  • Payment by installment is possible.
  • Practitioners signed up for the Advanced Training 2022 will get a discount for the Symposium “The Timeless Elegance of the Recipe” May 31 - June 5 in Prague.
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