Although we didn't know at the time, the project 'European Guild' started in 2011 with the first ever basic training in the Czech Republic organized by CASI - the Czech Association of Structural Integration. Since then 51 practitioners have been trained, while two basic trainings, one in Warsaw and one in Milano, will begin in the fall of 2018.

We have now tested and refined our modular 18-months basic training and with the classes in Poland well under way it is time to start spreading the classic SI approach to the rest of Europe.

We aim to adjust our programs to the local economy. The price of services, be it workshops or membership, will be charged in €. The exact amount however will depend on where in Europe you live. The base unit of this de-facto 'Guild-currency', consists of the value of one SI session in your respective country.

Ida Rolf

Ida Rolf dedicated a good part of her life in formulating and teaching, what she called, the 'recipe' - a systematic program of postural re-patterning in ten sessions, using connective tissue manipulation and sensorimotor movement education. The European Guild is one of the schools continuing the inquiry into the ‘recipe’, without adding elements from other modalities.

Rolfing Peter Melchior, Neal Powers and Emmett Hutchins, all first generation Rolfers, trained in Structural Integration by Ida Rolf herself, are at the origin of our lineage, and all of our senior instructors were originally their students.

Ida Rolf left Emmett Hutchins the following 'Koan':
If you truly understand the basic intention/key to the first three hours, you will have discovered the entire process and intention of Structural Integration.
Emmett Hutchins said, it took him 20 years to discover a moderately accurate answer to that question.

Neal PowersThe European Guild for Structural Integration provides a home for all practitioners, working with and practicing, a systematic, re-educational approach to the human body, thus continuing the inquiry into the "Koan" Emmett Hutchins was assigned. We are regular members of the International Association of Structural Integrators (IASI) and our training programs are recognized by IASI.