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Classic Structural Integration

In the Tradition of Dr. Ida Rolf

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The Basic Series in All Its Abundance -
An Homage to Dr. Ida Rolf’s Work Inspired by John Lodge

The brand new 'John Lodge Book' - "Wow! What has been put together is a treasure for all of us who got pulled into Dr. Rolf’s orbit and vision." Will Johnson

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Szkolenie podstawowe Warszawa 2021/23

Zapraszamy osoby zainteresowane na 2 dniowe warsztaty wprowadzające do Integracji Strukturalnej Metodą dr Rolf. Szczególnie zapraszamy osoby myślące o rozpoczęciu pełnego (2 letniego) szkolenia w naszej szkole. Warsztat prowadzi Aleš Urbanczik i Adam Polański.

Warszawa 26-27.06.2021

Koszt 280 PLN. Informacje i zapisy: adampolanski@gmail.com

Review, Audit or Explore the Timeless Elegance of the Original SI Work

Join a Basic Training as an auditor and brush up your skills - with an option for prospective SI students to fulfill part of their prerequiste requirements.

NEW DATE The Timeless Elegance of the Recipe ● Prague 2022 Symposium, May 31 - June 5, 2022

Neal Powers ● Nilce Silveira ● David Davis ● Bert Schmitz ● Aleš Urbanczik ● Fulvio Faudella ● Adam Polański

We tried hard, we waited as long as possible, we hoped, but ultimately the reality is such that we need to postpone the Symposium “The Timeless Elegance of the Recipe” to 2022.

Formazione Base Milano 2021/23

La seconda edizione del corso in Integrazione Strutturale avrà inizio a Gennaio 2021.

Advanced Training 2022 in Warszawa

Two of the world's best instructors, Nilce Silveira and Neal Powers are joining forces to teach our Advanced Training 2022 in Warszawa.
Adam Polański will be assisting.
If you have graduated from a IASI school and have 3-years of full-time practice, this is your chance to revisit the roots of our work and explore the potential of Advanced Work.

International Fascia Research Congress

EGSI has become the proud Gold Sponsor of the FRC 2022 in Montreal

After about 2/3 of the training

3 short videos - English Subtitles

Structural Integration Program

Teaching the Timeless Elegance of Classic Structural Integration in the tradition of Dr. Ida Rolf

A faculty with over 300 years of combined experience - Unrivaled in Europe

Basic Trainings throughout Europe

Milano - Praha - Warszawa - Wien


As much as possible in the local language - tuition adjusted to the local economy

Continuing Education

Advanced Training - Continuing Education 2020

Learn the Original - Study at the Guild

We teach the Basic Structural Integration 10-series without modifications or additions.

We bear the name of Dr. Ida Rolf's original school - We carry on her tradition

Just as Dr. Ida Rolf's teaching was passed on to us, we pass it on to the next generation.

Our philosophy

3 short videos

Our graduates usually have a great experience

"The strongest sentiment I took home with me was the humility in which we were taught. Never before, in no workshop or class in the field of physiotherapy, have I ever encountered this. It was always a teacher-student relationship, with an incredible power imbalance often bordering on contempt for the student. I have an enormous appreciation for the humility in which we were taught."

Petra Štíchová

"I had a chance to come back, review and practice the great original 10 sessions and also learn a logical progression of the original series with the appropriate movement for each of them.... and finally refine and simmer that into the Advanced Series. Neal Powers and Aleš Urbanczik are great teachers and fun to be around. Great idea of gathering graduates from all SI schools and adjusting course price according to practitioners income/location. Thanks for making it possible."

Mariusz Kurkowski

"In a clear form, we received a recipe for a series of 10 SI sessions. But that was not the most important thing. Thanks to the personality and warmth of Aleš Urbanczik and Adam Polański, I felt safe going through the difficult path of learning SI. They showed us how to let ourselves move in the sea of uncertainty and trust intuition and what we feel under our hands."

Michał Dzierzgwa