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Workshop Nilce Silveira in Torino, Italy,
Sept. 7.- 9. 2018

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Workshop Ed Maupin in Warszawa, Poland,
Aug. 31.- Sep. 2 2018

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Formazione Base 2018 Milano

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Szkolenie podstawowe 2018 Warszawa

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Join the European Guild

Contribute the value of merely one of your SI sessions and become part of a growing number of practitioners, who work with the original recipe. No charge for 2017 membership.

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Become a practitioner of Structural Integration

The next SI Basic Trainings will start in the Fall of 2018 in Warsaw - taught in Polish and in Milano - taught in Italian.

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Become an instructor of Structural Integration

We are looking for SI practitioners who would like to set up a modular training in their country.

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Practitioner SI

Become an SI Practitioner

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History SI

History of SI

The lineage the European Guild comes from, featuring Ida Rolf, Peter Melchior, Emmett Hutchins, Neal Powers and others...


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How to survive the madness of everyday life.

About Us

Ida Rolf dedicated a good part of her life in formulating and teaching, what she called, the 'recipe' - a systematic program of postural re-patterning in ten sessions, using connective tissue manipulation and sensorimotor movement education. One of the schools continuing the inquiry into the recipe, without adding elements from other modalities, is the Guild for Structural Integration.
Their first instructors, all first generation Rolfers trained in Structural Integration by Ida Rolf herself, were Peter Melchior, Neal Powers and Emmett Hutchins. Ida Rolf left Emmett Hutchins the following 'Koan':
If you truly understand the basic intention/key to the first three hours, you will have discovered the entire process and intention of Structural Integration.
Emmett Hutchins said, it took him 20 years to discover a moderately accurate answer to that question.

The European Guild for Structural Integration was founded by students of Peter, Neal and Emmett and is a sister-school of the original Guild. It sees itsself as providing a home for all practitioners still practicing and teaching the original, unaltered 'recipe' and continuing the inquiry into the "Koan" Emmett Hutchins was assigned. We are regular members of the International Association of Structural Integrators (IASI) and our training programs are recognized by IASI.

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