Basic Training Vienna English/Deutsch
Intro Workshop
23. & 24. November 2019
in Vienna

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Location: Studio Perform, Mariahilfer Strasse 51, 3. Innenhof, 1060 Wien

Time: Sa 9:30 - 5 (with lunch break), Sun 9 - 2

Registration: please make your payment simultaneously.

Price: Sliding scale € 90 - 120


The workshop is tailored towards anyone interested

- in the 2019/21 SI Basic Training in Vienna

- in fascial tissue and its properties

- in approaching the world of Structural Integration in the tradition of Ida Rolf Ph.D.

- in becoming a practitioner of the Rolf Method of Structural Integration, popularly known under the term 'rolfing'.

The participants will learn practical tools that can be incorporated into any other modality like physiotherapy, massage, Pilates, Yoga or the like.

In addition, the basic ideas of Structural Integration, the entire training program of the Basic Training and the two instructors will be introduced.

The two instructors combine over 60 years of Structural Integration experience.

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Aleš Urbanczik
President of the European Guild for SI
Aleš’s style of teaching is awesome. He tries to show everything in as simple as possible a way and it works. The calm atmosphere and the sense of freedom during his workshops are amazing.'
Ondřej Pavelka
Fluid structures
Former President of the "Rolfing Verband Deutschland"
'Uli Förg impressed me with his calm and friendly manner, as well as his deep understanding about the work with fascia and Structural Integration'
Robert Schleip
Fluid structures
Philosophy of the Guild's Basic Trainings
EGSI president Aleš Urbanczik in a coversation with Steve Mache from the Association Française de Rolfing®
October 2019 - June 2021, in Bath (UK) and Wien (A)
Modular program, 20 extended weekends, making it possible to train close to home without missing long stretches of work. 
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