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Dear All,

the wonderfully busy time mid May to mid June is about to begin.

We have some few slots left to fill in our 2 big events this year.

There are 'Hands-Off' participation possibilities at the Symposium for SI Students, SI interested people (massage therapists, yoga/pilates teachers etc.) - so please pass on the info.


Special Guests at the Symposium:

Ed Maupin - Sharon Wheeler - Liz Stewart

More info Advanced Training and Symposium:

Fascia Research Congress in Montreal September 2022

We would like to enable our Polish Scientist-Practitioner Grzegorz Jędrzejewski to take part in the Fascia Research Congress in Montreal in September 2022. The tuition for the Advanced Training as well as Montreal would 'break the bank'.

So let's help him - €10 from each one of you would easily get us there.


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See you soon in Warszaw or Prague !

Aleš Urbanczik


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