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Dear Practitioners, dear Friends

with the recent rising of intolerance in the legislation of some European countries towards the LGBTQ community I want to make it abolutely clear, that we treat all of our students and practitioners with the same kindness and expect all of our members to treat all of their clients in that same manner.

Basic Training in Milano Completed

We welcome our new colleagues in Italy:

Claudia Ferri Cataldi, Tatsiana Harelava, Daniela De Iulis, Marco Panetti, Roberto Peirano

Congratulations to them and to Fulvio Faudella and Dario Di Lorenzo for successfully steering their Basic Training through the shoals of the pandemic !

Ida Rolf
Continuing Education Fall 2021
Ales Urbanczik
Aleš Urbanczik assisted by Fulvio Faudella and Dario Di Lorenzo
The Post-Ten 3-Series
Milano - October 1 - 3, 2021

Thinking about 3 Post-Ten sessions a good place to start are sessions 8, 9 & 10 of the Basic Series, except that one needs to remember that they are not 8, 9 & 10 of the Basic Series. The clues of how to approach Post Ten Work will ultimately be found in the client's body-mind...

The workshop "The Mystery of the Psoas Rhomboid Balance" September 10-12 in Zurich has a long waitlist - this one here is a good alternative.

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Ales Urbanczik
Bert Schmitz
Identity Free Space in SI
Warszawa October 29 - 31 2021
Praha December 10 - 12 2021

In Ida Rolf’s view, the Rolf Method of Structural Integration is an integral approach to living. “Core” and “Line” are not just phenomena in a physical environment. They could be considered as indicators of transformation of bio/psycho/social/spiritual levels...

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Ales Urbanczik
Dario Di Lorenzo
ScarWork: Integrating Scars into the Fascial Web
Zürich November 26 - 28

ScarWork is Sharon's original discovery, and one that she is continually developing and expanding on. There are 20+ separate techniques used to integrate different qualities of scar tissue into the fascial web. Most will be demonstrated in class. They are simple to learn and easy to do.....

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Ales Urbanczik

Looking ahead to 2022

The Advanced Training in Warszawa with Nilce Silveira and Neal Powers is completely full but there are openings for

EGSI Faculty
The Timeless Elegance of the Recipe
Praha - May 31 - June 5, 2022

The 2022 Event - The Timeless Elegance of Ida Rolf's Recipe consists of a 6 days journey into the wisdom Dr. Ida Rolf infused into her Structural Integration Recipe. This unique event, made of conferences, workshops and gatherings will be interwoven into an exploration of Ida Rolf’s vision and a celebration of her legacy. Neal Powers, Nilce Silveira, David Davis, Bert Schmitz, Aleš Urbanczik, Fulvio Faudella, Adam Polański and Dario Di Lorenzo will facilitate this adventure in the practice and the philosophy of Structural Integration.

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Summer Combo Book and Shirt

Enjoy your summer, get some rest, sign up for one of the fall workshops, hang out with your new t-shirt, read our book and have some fun ...

Ida Rolf
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