Basic Training UK - Intro Workshop

November 9/10, 2019
Fluid structures
Instructors BT: Aleš Urbanczik & Nilce Silveira
Paul Wilby Clinic, Well Bath, UK
'Aleš’s style of teaching is awesome. He tries to show everything in as simple as possible a way and it works. The calm atmosphere and the sense of freedom during his workshops are amazing.'
Ondřej Pavelka
Fluid structures
Philosophy of the Guild's Basic Trainings
EGSI president Aleš Urbanczik in a coversation with Steve Mache from the Association Française de Rolfing®
Basic Trainings: October 2019 - June 2021 in Bath (UK) and Wien (A)
Modular program, 20 extended weekends, making it possible to train close to home without missing long stretches of work. 
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